Yes Madam, Sir

yesmadamsirWhile Slumdog Millionaire continues to be in the headlines, another film Yes Madam, Sir, a documentary based on the life of India’s first woman IPS officer, Kiran Bedi and produced and directed by Australian film-maker Megan Doneman is making news too. The film is the winner of two top awards at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival, including an award money of $100,000, the biggest prize for a documentary in any film festival as well as $2500 Fund for Santa Barbara’s “Social Justice Award” at the festival.

A film about Kiran Bedi’s journey in the police force, Yes Madam, Sir explores how Bedi established a place for herself in a profession mainly dominated by men, how she single-handedly confronted a mob of sword-wielding protestors, how she towing a car belonging to then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi’s cavalcade during 1982 Asian Games, and how she changed lives of thousands of prisoners by introducing unique reforms at India’s largest jail, Tihar in Delhi. The film also explores Bedi as a daughter, wife and mother.

On winning the award, Doneman said that “this is not just an Indian story. It is a universal, timeless and inspiring story about standing up for your convictions and never giving up. During today’s difficult times, this story gives us all hope”.


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